About Us


Walshaw Hall has been providing quality care for
over 15 years.
We are passionate about care and strive to improve the quality of life of our residents through
the provision of excellent long term care and accommodation.

Our professional staff are dedicated carers who promote independence and personal choice – developed, through training and guidance to be committed to maintaining the quality of care and support we provide.

We provide a wide range of specialist person-centred care and support services for older people with a wide range of needs including residential care, respite care and dementia care.


Specialist dementia care

We aim to provide specialist dementia care that is second to none - to be a centre of excellence where people can feel free to ask advice at any time. Our professional staff have many years’ experience in dementia care and are fully supported by a comprehensive training programme.


Residential care

Quality of life is extremely important. If individuals are finding it harder to manage on their own, or need more help than they currently receive, choosing to live in a care home can make a dramatic difference to their quality of life. Our services focus on catering to individual needs and creating a warm environment where people feel a strong sense of belonging, enjoying a great quality of life.


Respite care services

Not everyone understands how demanding caring for a loved one can be, whether on an informal, part-time or full-time basis. Everyone needs a break from time-to-time, and respite care offers these both to carers and those in need of quality care and attention.

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We hold values of trust, integrity, kindness, dignity and respect, which shape our approach to care.

We strive to:

  • Value each individual and their unique life history and experience

  • Put people and their needs first

  • Place strong emphasis on attention to detail in what we do

  • Provide a safe, sound and supportive living environment for our residents

  • Seek out ways to improve our service by listening to those we support

  • Support our staff team in training and development to improve our organisation’s performance